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We are committed to integrate steel resources in china and serve the global steel market. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in steel researching, production, managing and sales. And our team mostly are based on and worked in national famous steel enterprise before. In the aspect of resources and information, we have established cooperative relationship with nearly hundred enterprises, either state-owned or private owned in china...more>


ISO certification enterprise.

Supply solutions

When an inquiry comes, our company will send sales man contact with our clients and get the usage from our clients, and provide multiple supply solutions, and discuss and confirm the optimal plan with our clients.

Value for money

Promise our client get high-quality, low-cost steel to meet their delivery, pricing and service needs.

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15 years of working experience.


Familiar with the equipment, production capacity, enterprise management and technical development level of Whole chinese steel mills and processing enterprises.


Professional staff.

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15 years of focus,

Production capacity and delivery time.

we have built long, deep and close business relationship with dozens of steel company, Sharing and holding equities with several steel enterprises. Because of the close cooperation with steel companies and our pioneering spirit, which can ensure us stay at the top competition, and ensure our customers get what they really want.

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