• Pre-Sale

    We have always firmly believed that when our customers purchase, the biggest pain point inside is the fear of buying the wrong one. For example, the standard is wrong, the steel grade is wrong, the dimensions are wrong, the dimensional accuracy is wrong, the delivery condition is wrong, and the surface condition is wrong. If it is a small detail wrong, it may mean that the material to buy is only a pile of steel scrap, the value of at least 80% loss. Therefore, we believe that pre-sales technical support is very important. We also expect our customers to place the same emphasis on pre-sale technical advice as we do in the entire supply chain management. Because we want our customers to buy right, not just buy the cheapest products.In the pre-sale technical support, we will thoroughly understand customer needs, fully communicate with customers, and discuss the most suitable procurement plan.

  • Sale

    After we have signed a contract with our customers, our customer service representatives will provide timely feedback to our customers on the status of each step of production, packaging, shipping, etc. We strive to give our customers a very high purchasing experience.

  • After-sale

    We always takes our customers’ complaints as a kind of support to our business. The feedback is helpful for our improvement. Your comments, suggestions and complaints are welcome. We will quickly improve our products and services based on your feedback.Please tell us if you are dissatisfied with our products upon receipt of them. You may give us a call.

    We promise to initiate an investigation within 24 hours upon receipt of your complaints and give you our solutions.

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