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Introduce Antibacterial Stainless Steel

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Introduce Antibacterial Stainless Steel
Issue Time:2020-05-15

Why choose 300 series stainless to antibacterial ?

   300 series stainless steel have excellent corrosion resistance and work-ability. so it is the most widely and common stainless steel, accounting for about 50% of global stainless steel consumption. Antibacterial stainless steel is mostly used in kitchen, food cooking, medical and health care, public facilities and other fields. Most of the requirements of the material has good formability and work-ability, some products also need to polish and grind, so 300 series base long-lasting antibacterial stainless steel is the best choice and current mass production.


How to improve the antibacterial properties of stainless steel?

   In order to obtain excellent antimicrobial properties, the antibacterial stainless will need to add copper more than 3% to 300 series stainless steel, but copper element will make the material effective hot processing interval reduced and hot-rolled steel coil is prone to cracking and other defects. It will increase the production difficulty.


Antibacterial stainless steel grades and sizes

   Someone of Chinese factory current producing two grade of antimicrobial steel, 301Cu and 304Cu, Coil thicknesses: 0.4-4.0mm.


How produced Antibacterial stainless steel?

   The factory's technology and production department take depth communication and study to solve the related defects. After solid solution treatment of antibacterial stainless steel, its strength, elongation, hardness and other mechanical performance are comparable to ordinary 304. Due to the addition of copper, MD30 is lower, the material cold processing is excellent, so it is more advantageous in the production of insulation cup, kitchen sink and other products.


Antibacterial test

   After testing, the sample has good antibacterial effect on E. coli. The final result of the experiment showed that the antibacterial rate of antibacterial steel samples reached more than 99%, and the antibacterial rate of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus reached more than 99%. The surface of the comparison 2B sample of common 304 steel was covered with bacteria.

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