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Have a Wonderful Trip! We were traveled to Beijing together!

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Have a Wonderful Trip! We were traveled to Beijing together!
Issue Time:2019-09-19

    Our company, Fushun Metal, were traveled to Beijing together for a week starting from September 1st to 7th. We took our family as a big travel group to experience Beijing's different northern cultures than Changsha. This long-term travel plan, we have been to the following very famous attractions and more small places. About a lot of different things, our feelings are so very novel and exciting and take a lot of fun photos.

    Hiking the Great Wall—Witnessing the Longest Cultural Heritage in the World. There are many sections of the Great Wall, from fully-restored sections to totally wild and untouched sections, which make hiking the Great Wall both accessible and challenging.

    Visiting the Forbidden City—The Forbidden City is famous and has a long history. It is the largest and best-preserved example of ancient Chinese architecture.

    Exploring the Temple of Heaven—It originally served as a vast stage for solemn rites performed by the emperor, who prayed here for good harvests at winter solstice and sought divine clearance and atonement.

    Visiting Tian’anmen Square—Watching the Inspiring Flag-Raising Ceremony. Tian’anmen Square has a significant place in the history of China.

    Hanging Out in the Hutongs—Exploring the Most Authentic Beijing Lifestyle. Some people say that the real culture of Beijing is hidden in the hutongs. That is true.

    We have experienced the culture and humanities of our Chinese capital for this week of travel. This is very grateful for the company platform to provide us with this opportunity, let us experience a lot of different things and enhance the patriotic feelings. Finally, Wish our country and our company growing more and more!

Florence Tang
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