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China's large-diameter long-distance crude oil pipeline inspection completed and breaking the monopoly of the technology

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China's large-diameter long-distance crude oil pipeline inspection completed and breaking the monopoly of the technology
Issue Time:2019-03-07
  Recently, the three-axis magnetic flux leakage detector was slowly removed from the ball-receiving tube at Baishawan Station. After confirming the damage, the scene was warmly applauded!

  The inspection of the Hangzhou Bay submarine pipeline was successful!

  This is the most comprehensive long-distance crude oil pipeline inspection in the most complex sea areas in China. It fills the technical gap in this field and implements the requirements for the integrity management of national oil and gas pipelines. It is of great significance to realize pipeline integrity management from land promotion to submarine pipelines and conscientiously fulfilling the responsibility of enterprise safety and environmental protection. At the same time, this test has accumulated experience for other submarine pipeline inspections in the future.

  The Hangzhou Bay submarine crude oil pipeline tested this time is 53.5 kilometers long and 762mm in diameter. It is the longest and largest caliber sea pipe in China.

  Hangzhou Bay is one of the three most complex sea areas in the world. The scouring and silting changes are fierce, the troughs are frequently oscillated, and the local economy is developed and the routes are numerous. The safe operation of this pipeline and the marine environment are facing major challenges. Safe physical examination and safety assessment of crude oil pipelines is imperative.

  Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. has repeatedly revised the technical plan to simulate the corresponding sea conditions for suspension evaluation analysis, seat stability check, third-party damage evaluation, tensor element analysis and regression analysis based on pull test data quantification, etc. Make sure the test is successful in one go.

  The detection technology of the Hangzhou Bay submarine long-distance crude oil pipeline is difficult and the safety risk is high. Sinopec listed it in a major scientific and technological innovation project in 2009 and handed it over to Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. for specific work.

  Sinopec Long-distance Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Pipeline Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., has taken the lead in the development of a three-axis high-definition magnetic flux leakage detector and inertial navigation measurement with full intellectual property rights of Sinopec in response to the complex sea conditions of the Hangzhou Bay submarine pipeline. System and pipeline stress detection system based on field weakening technology. It can detect defects such as corrosion and mechanical scratches with a minimum length of 5 mm and a minimum depth of 0.5 mm, and can locate the defect position with high precision, and can also detect the abnormal stress of the submarine pipeline and the drift of the pipeline.

  The leakage signal is captured by the vortex sound wave, which is similar to the high-precision radar, and the intensity of the defect can be obtained through detection and post-calculation.

  Inertial navigation technology is the civilian use of military technology. It can not only give the mapping information of the pipeline center line, determine the displacement of the submarine pipeline, but also locate the latitude and longitude of the pipeline defect and improve the defect positioning accuracy.

  In the next step, Sinopec Long-distance Oil and Gas Pipeline Testing Co., Ltd. will immediately carry out the integrity evaluation of pipeline residual strength, maintenance factor, corrosion development and causes, residual life, etc. based on internal inspection data, and research on submarine pipeline defect location and maintenance technology, and finally form a set. Complete subsea pipeline integrity management.

  In fact, Sinopec's many technologies have been continuously breaking through and are at the forefront of the world.

  In September this year, Luoyang Petrochemical successfully developed the high-end non-woven polypropylene resin PPH-Y35X, which filled the gap in the domestic high-end non-woven application field.

  In August, Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. completed the industrial production line of dry-spinning high-performance polyethylene fiber and broke the monopoly of foreign technology, making China the third country to master this technology and realize industrialization.

  Through independent research and development, Great Wall Lubricants broke the blockade of aerospace lubrication technology in developed countries, and developed more than 50 kinds of aerospace lubrication products in 7 categories. It has been applied to many core systems of Chinese spacecraft, and has been used for Shenzhou and Sui engineering. Tiangong and other provide full lubrication guarantee.
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