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The Ways to Improve Forging Plasticity and Reduce Deformation Resistance?

The Ways to Improve Forging Plasticity and Reduce Deformation Resistance?
Update Time:2020-03-31

Technological approaches to improve the plasticity of forgings and reduce the resistance to deformation To facilitate the flow of metal billets during forging, and to take reasonable measures to reduce deformation resistance and save equipment energy, the following methods are generally used to achieve:
1) Grasp the material characteristics of forgings, and choose a reasonable deformation temperature, deformation speed, and degree of deformation.
2) Promote the homogenization of the chemical composition and structure of the material, such as high temperature homogenization treatment of large high alloy steel ingots, so that the plasticity of the material is improved.
3) Choose the most favorable deformation process. For example, when forging high-alloy steel forgings that are difficult to deform and have low plasticity, in order to make the surface of the material under pressure during upsetting and prevent tangential tension from cracking, you can use Forging with upset process.
4) Using different tools to operate, the correct use of tools can improve the unevenness of deformation. For example, when drawing long shaft forgings, V-shaped anvils or circular anvils can be used to increase the surface pressure of the forging, thereby improving the plasticity, and preventing cracks on the surface and core of the forging.
5) Improve the operation method to reduce the influence of friction and temperature during forging of the forging billet, and avoid the occurrence of cracking. For example, for wafer-like forgings of low-plasticity material, two pieces can be stacked and upset once, then each piece is turned 180 °, and the second upset process is used to solve it.

6) The use of better lubrication measures can improve the surface conditions of forgings and dies, reduce the impact of friction, obtain uniform deformation, and reduce deformation resistance.

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