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Roll forging and its application

Roll forging and its application
Update Time:2019-09-29
Roll forging is a plastic forming process in which a material is plastically deformed by a pair of rotating molds in the opposite direction to obtain a desired forging or forging blank. As an advanced plastic forming process, roll forging has a series of advantages such as high material utilization rate, excellent product quality, good working conditions, easy realization of mechanical automation, high production efficiency and long die life, in aerospace, automotive, It has been widely used in industries such as agricultural tools, weapons and daily hardware. For example, automotive front axles, crankshafts for engine engines, connecting rods, engine blades, shovel and wrenches are commonly used for roll forging. Compared with ordinary die forging, the equipment required for roll forging is small, the required number of fires is small, the labor cost is low, the product quality is excellent, the material utilization rate is significantly improved, and the single piece can save about 30^ of raw materials, and the size can be accurately obtained. And rough and rough forged surfaces.
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