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What is a cold drawn tube?

What is a cold drawn tube?
Update Time:2019-09-26

Cold drawing is to pull out the metal pipe with a cold drawing machine without heating. The advantage is that it does not need to be carried out at high temperature. The disadvantage is that the residual stress is large, and it can not be pulled too long to improve the toughness and tensile strength. Get better mechanical properties.

Cold drawn seamless steel pipe process:

Round tube blank → heating → perforation → head → annealing → pickling → multi-pass cold drawing → semi-finished tube → heat treatment → straightening → hydraulic test (inspection) → mark → storage.

The difference between cold drawing and cold drawing:

Cold drawing and cold drawing are two different methods of metal cold working, and they are not a concept. Cold drawing refers to a method of applying tensile force to the ends of a metal material to cause tensile deformation of the material; cold drawing refers to a method of applying a pulling force at one end of the material to pull the material through a die hole, and the aperture of the die is relatively The diameter of the material is smaller. The cold drawing process causes the material to be deformed in addition to the tensile deformation, and the cold drawing process is generally carried out on a special cold drawing machine. Cold drawn materials perform better than cold drawn materials.

Main uses: for automobiles, motorcycles, refrigeration equipment, hydraulic parts, pneumatic cylinders, and other customers who have high requirements for precision, finish, cleanliness and mechanical properties of steel pipes.

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