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What is the grinding surface?

What is the grinding surface?
Update Time:2018-07-25
Grinding refers to the method of machining excess material on the workpiece with abrasives and abrasive tools. Grinding is one of the most widely used cutting methods.

Grinding is the use of high-speed rotating grinding wheels and other tools to machine the workpiece surface. Grinding inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces and planes used to machine a variety of workpieces, as well as special, complex forming surfaces such as threads, gears and splines. Due to the high hardness of the abrasive grains and the self-sharpening of the grinding tools, grinding can be used to process a wide range of materials including hardened steels, high-strength alloy steels, hard alloys, glass, ceramics and marbles and other high-hardness metals. metallic material.

Grinding is usually used for semi-finishing and finishing. Accuracy can be as high as IT8~5 or even higher. Surface roughness is generally Ra1.25~0.16 micron, precision grinding is Ra0.16~0.04 micron, super-precision grinding Sharpening is Ra0.04~0.01μm, and mirror grinding can reach Ra0.01μm or less.

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