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What is powder forging?

What is powder forging?
Update Time:2018-06-13
 Powder forging is a forging forming method that combines powder metallurgy forming with plastic forming. The process is based on metal powder as raw material, preformed by pressing, and sintered to obtain a blank shape suitable for die forging. After the blank is heated to the forging temperature, it is placed in a forge mold for closed die forging or squeezing. , After further processing, to obtain the desired shape and performance of forgings.

    Forging mill powder forging has many advantages: the density of powder metallurgy parts is usually around 6.5/cm3, after heating and forging, the density is significantly improved, and the forgings are uniform in material, no anisotropic, excellent in organizational performance; use of powder metallurgy mold pressing The billet has a flexible process and can be used to obtain a billet that is most suitable for forging and deformation, so that a forged part with a complicated shape can be easily obtained, and the forging has high precision, good surface roughness, blank shape, size, volume preparation, less loss in the forming process, and material utilization. Up to 90% or more; rough flow in molds, mold wear, mold life is high.
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