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What is the application for A335 P91?

What is the application for A335 P91?
Update Time:2018-05-09

P91, can be used as subcritical, supercritical boiler wall temperature ≤ 625 °C high temperature superheater, reheater steel pipe, and wall temperature ≤ 600 °C high temperature header and steam pipe, can also be used as nuclear power heat exchangers and oil cracking furnace tubes.

Standard: ASTM A213 ASTM A335

Tensile strength: ≥585 (MPa)

Yield strength: ≥415 (MPa)

Extension rate: ≥20(%)


P91 steel is a new type of martensitic heat-resistant steel that was developed in cooperation with the National Institute of Geosciences and the Metallurgical Materials Laboratory of American Combustion Engineering. It is based on the 9Cr1MoV steel to reduce the carbon content, strictly limit the sulfur, phosphorus content, add a small amount of vanadium, niobium element alloying. According to ASTM 213/A213M-85C, the chemical composition of P91 steel is shown in Table 1.

The German steel number corresponding to P91 steel is X10CrMoVNNb91, the Japanese steel number is HCM95, and France is TUZ10CDVNb0901

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