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Bearing Steel Bar

  Bearing steel is special steel featuring high wear resistance and rolling fatigue strength. High-carbon chromium bearing steel, engineering steel and some types of stainless steel and heat resistant steel are used as materials of bearings and for other purposes.

  Bearing steels are exposed to fatigue and high contact loads. Final hardness can be obtained by through-hardening, case hardening or inductive heat treatment. The most common bearing grades for through-hardening are 100Cr6 families. Those grades combine the advantages of carbon and chromium to achieve heat treatment efficiency and final mechanical properties. Since such grades require annealing before transformation, thermo-mechanical rolling for fine grain size distribution represents an advantage in terms of reducing annealing time.

  Steel production requires expertise and strong process control: to achieve high performance, the heat treatment has to be very homogeneous throughout the part. Grade and structure homogeneity is therefore key in order to avoid any segregation during casting or decarburisation in reheating operations.

  High fatigue loads require surface quality and low inclusion content. Two metallurgical treatments are available to achieve this. Aluminium killed steel follows a clean metallurgical process to obtain a very low oxygen content. Sillicon killed steel produces grades with good deformability inclusions. The sizes of such inclusions are reduced during the rolling process.

Bearing Steel Bar

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